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With over 60 years of collective cybersecurity experience fighting the most advanced cyber threats across the globe, ARC4DIA is poised and committed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your enterprise and customer data.


  • Traditional defensive technologies and techniques in conventional, antivirus tools mainly detect what we already know
  • Advanced threats tailor their actions to specific targets and even neutralize the endpoint protection
  • Advanced  threats are always new, actively controlled by adversaries , and their ability to remain hidden outpaces the development of better defenses

As a result leaders can’t see, can’t find, and can’t act to counter these threats


Arc4dia Cyber Defense has developed SNOW, the leading next generation behavior based endpoint protection solution to actively seek out and eliminate advanced malware on your network.

Our proprietary technology continuously monitors your network to provide best-in-class detection and response capabilities by combining

  • enhanced detection mechanics which apply sophisticated behavioral analysis;
  • unmatched stealth capability to avoid being identified and compromised by sophisticated adversaries;
  • unrivaled big-data analytics which enables zero-day and other advanced persistent threat detection and response.

SNOW protects billions of dollars in assets for both government and enterprise clients


We are ready to provide a technical demonstration and run a trial over a 30-60 day period. Beyond the direct benefit of best-in-class host protection, Arc4dia’s clients also have access to our global malware and reverse engineering catalog along with technical reports which offer a significant source of cyber intelligence related information.


In summer 2016, the largest and most technologically advanced air force in the world selected SNOW as its preferred malware detection and response solution for deployment at its most elite operational exercises. The United States Air Force assessed SNOW to offer the most pragmatic approach against advanced malware where its unique covert capabilities, enhanced detection
mechanics, and real-time forensic analysis provided participants with a complete view into adversary activity and behavior, breaking down their movements with exacting detail and precision.